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Why should you get a composite door?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Composite door installers

Doors are the first impression of a house, and if the door stands out, the house will inevitably leave its mark. When choosing a door, be sure that it is robust, durable, and visually appealing. A strong but ugly door spoils the entire outlook of the house and a visually appealing but fragile door will leave you and your family vulnerable to threats like break-ins. Therefore, getting a good door is a serious business and the best choice today are the thick and durable GRP composite doors.

What is a composite door made from?

Composite doors are made of an amalgamation of different materials that include insulating foam, timber and they also have a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) casing on their external layer. The combination of all these materials makes a composite door remarkably similar in appearance to a classic wooden door. But a wooden door lacks in wether performance and security, this is where a composite door wins big time.

Advantages of getting a composite door


Keeping everyone safe is every homeowner’s highest priority, and a composite door helps in keeping you and your family safe from burglaries. The steel frame and timber core along with the glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) will make your front door or back door impenetrable. The composite doors have a multi-point locking mechanism and the Ultron Door Cylinder. Therefore, robbers will have great difficulty in picking the locks, and if they try to kick down the door, then it won’t be the door that’ll be broken for sure.

Energy efficient

The composite door has an insulating foam inside it along with the weather seals around the edges. This systematic layering reduces the amount of heat that escapes, and it also keeps the cold out. This way, no matter how cold it gets during those December nights, your house will stay warm, and during the summer, it will stay cool and crisp.

Aesthetic appeal

One of the biggest advantages of having a composite door is its visual appeal. By installing a composite door, you can give your house a complete facelift, and best of all composite doors come in different colours, textures, shapes, window frames and much more. So, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Sound Reduction

Imagine you're having a peaceful nap and suddenly you hear loud voices coming from the street or your neighbours playing loud music, this will definitely wake you up. But all this could be avoided by calling composite door installers and getting it installed. Due to weather seals around the edges and thermal insulation, getting disturbed from noises becomes a thing of the past. Thus, making your house virtually sound-proof.

Bottom line

A composite door is better in every way compared to an average wooden door or PVC Door it is much safer, highly energy-efficient, weather-resistant, sound-proof, and lastly adds visual appeal to your house which is sure to turn heads.

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