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Things You Should Know About Composite Doors

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Choosing the ideal door for your humble abode could be a tough decision because a door which is of poor quality could cost you a lot in terms of maintenance and it could also leave you and your family susceptible to threats such as burglary.

Composite doors have proven to be the safest and the most aesthetic choice because they aren’t only tough to crack but are also visually pleasing. But before we go in depths of the advantages of composite doors, we should know what composite doors are.

What is a Composite Door?

If you are looking for the newest and the most modern type of doors in the market than composite door are the ones you are looking for. A regular PVC door has many flaws and drawbacks like inferior construction and high maintenance, but a composite door is made from classy, strong and durable materials. They are also resistant to severe weather conditions. Hence, making them ideal for every homeowner. All composite doors are favoured in comparison to regular doors because they have a high isolating foam core which means that they don’t let heat escape and keep the cold out. Thus, saving on your energy bills.

Construction of a Composite Door

Composite doors are primarily made up of different materials, and each material is specially selected based on their properties and benefits. Therefore, it results in a powerful, unravelled and robust composite door.

The exterior frame of the door is constructed by strengthening the galvanised steel while the base subframe is made from PVC materials. All composite doors have a hardwood timber core. Hence, they are highly stable, rigid and long-lasting. In comparison to regular PVC doors, composite doors have superior durability and strength. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal, insulation and security of your home.

Price of a composite door

Although composite doors are famous for being light on your pockets still their price tag depends on the type of door you want. For example, if you want a fancy door with glass panels with intrinsic woodwork, then the cost might go up, but a simple composite will definitely be in your budget.

Advantages of Installing a Composite Door

There are many advantages to getting a composite door installed. Few of them are listed below.

Aesthetic appeal

There are many reasons for getting a composite door, and the aesthetic appeal is one of them. People often mistake composite doors for a classic door because a composite door is manufactured from wood and because of this reason we see the same contours and patterns on the door. But underneath, there is a mixture of many substances which gives the door extra durability along with the enhanced aesthetic appeal.


If you are looking for a strong door, then a composite door is probably the best option available. The thickness of the door frame is extraordinary. Therefore, if anyone tries to force their way in when the door is locked will not be able to do so while probably leaving them with a broken shoulder. Composite doors have multi-layers of locking mechanisms which makes them almost impenetrable.


Composite doors are built to stand against severe weather conditions, and their exterior is built in such a manner to withstand all sorts of weather variations. Unlike regular PVC doors, composite doors can easily withstand low temperatures, high wind pressure, UV rays and rainstorms.

Low maintenance

This is one of the biggest advantages of getting a composite door. Unlike regular PVC doors which need painting and varnishing every now and then, composite doors only need a soapy cloth and a good wipe, and they’re as good as new.

Bottom line

Composite doors aren’t only for looks; they play a vital role in keeping your home safe while cutting down on heating bills. You can easily find many composite door installers in your area, so it’s time to make your house stand out among the neighborhood installing a composite door.

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