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Building Extension Project – The Finest Tips To Ensure An Effective Building Extension

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Let’s say that you live in the house that you got constructed from scratch. You invested your time and money in it, making sure that the end result is something that you are genuinely proud of. While your hard work paid off and you got a House that was straight out of your dreams, you realised that it was FINALLY time for you to lead a happier life! Over the years, you lived there with your family, growing from 2 to 4 and then 2 more afterword. While the house you invested in is STILL standing firm, but now you realise that it was not spacious enough to suffice the individual needs of your family members. What would you do in such a scenario? Would you change the house that you ABSOLUTELY adore just because it doesn’t have enough space? That might be an option for you if you’re not aware of sorting things out by going for the Building Extension!

Add More Space To Your House – Why You Should Go For Building Extension?

If you’re planning to sort out your “Spacing” needs, Building Extension is one of the most effective ways to create more living space in your house’s existing infrastructure! While it results in being a more economical option as compared to moving into a new home, it is viably one of the easiest ways for you to add in more space into your house. It matters not if you’re planning to get a Garage Extension, or the traditional Single/Double-Storey Extension, the task can get a bit heftier if you’re not sure of where, to begin with!

Efficient Building Extension – What You REALLY Need To Know?

The sheer potential of an efficient Building Extension is immense! Not only does a quality extension work helps you in transforming your home, it deliberately adds more comfort and space into your house. Not only that, but a good quality Home Extension significantly increases the value of your property! Hence, making sure that your Building Extension project runs smoothly, described below are some of the most preeminent tips you must keep in mind:

Tip #5: Make Sure Your List of Required Approvals Are Made:

Whenever you plan to carry out Building Extension of your existing property, it is essential to make sure that the required approvals are carried out first! Based on the size, scale, shape, and planning of your Building Extension project, a prior “Planning Permission” is vital to sort out first!

Tip #4: Talk Out With Your Neighbours:

If there is ANYTHING that can make a mess out of your Building Extension project, it is undoubtedly your neighbours! They might not approve of your planning application in front of the council. The objection proposed by the neighbours in such a scenario is a heftier task to overcome. This is the reason why you should make sure that your neighbours are by your side while you’re planning on expanding!

Tip #3: Work Out Your Budget:

The task of Building Extension is not cheap if not anything else! While you may consider that a certain amount required for the construction would be sufficient, you must bear in mind that it is not JUST the construction cost that is associated with the Building Extension! Not only would you be needed to include that, but you’d also be required to add in the designer’s fee, the consultant’s fee, VAT charges, and even the application fee! Hence, work out your budget accurately as it may vary depending on the type of extension you’re planning to carry out!

Tip #2: Keep Your Expense Under Control With Efficient Project Management:

It is essential to be aware of the approximate amount that is going to be utilised for your Building Extension project! By ensuring efficient Project Management Skills, you can save a lot of your cost that is associated with carrying out your extension project!

Tip #1: The Choice of Rooms is What Makes The Biggest Difference:

When it comes to deciding what room you need when planning out your Building Extension project, the most important thing to consider is the Choice of Room. Constructing a Living Room or Dining Room is what can help you cut the cost of your Building Extension Project! Contrary to that, if you plan on creating a Kitchen, the cost of piping and electrical wiring is going to cost you a lot of money!

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