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Building a Home Extension - Tips to Get it Done Right

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

A home extension especially planned during this season has several benefits. Good quality extensions, with smart designs, can add space to your living area. Also, it brings comfort and transforms the interior of your house. And above all, it also increases the value of your residential property. In order to enjoy all that we’ve mentioned, it is necessary to get it done the right way! So, here are these four factors you need to consider while getting a home extension.

Compare the designs with space

While you are researching, make sure to decide on the home extension ideas that are trendy, classy and well-suited for your unique home; however, also make sure that it complements the interiors – designing and furniture of your home so that the extended part doesn’t look odd. More importantly, choose designs that not only add more space – but also give an eye-catching, idyllic view for the house.

Hire the best Home extension builders

Home extension can be exciting for you – yet, it has to be dealt with maturity, and you’re to make wise, well-informed decisions. For that, the first step is to hire the best professionals in the town who have creative home extension ideas that would fit the atmosphere of your home. It can be challenging, at times, to find home extension builders that have the same tastes and preferences as you, but checking the portfolio and studying the previous work experiences can help. Also, request them to visit the site before they formally sign the contract. Also, when you actually hand over your project to a particular builder, get everything done in writing: the costs, the financial resources, cash reimbursements, estimated time for completion etc.

Provide the best materials

There are usually two types of contracts – you may pay the lump sum amount and delegate the responsibility of getting the necessary materials etc to your home extension builder. The other contract necessitates you to get the materials, paints, and tiles, yourself as you only pay only the fees of the builder who is to account for the expert ideas and all that happens during the home extension. Whichever contract you go with, make sure to get the best, high-quality products that provide you the value for the money you spend. Don’t chase cheap stuff as you might end regretting later on.

Monitoring the project

Making a budget before we start with the project is important. But you need to monitor and control the expenses throughout the home extension process. It’s better to keep a careful eye towards all that’s going on – the builders, the labour, the facilitators, plus, the excess materials, the waste and other immaterial costs that seem smaller in the beginning, but may eat up a good chunk of your budget if summed. Monitoring and control can become a way easier if you maintain a to-do planner and a checklist. Add different pages, for your costs, people hired, time duration in days or weeks depending upon the length of your project, excess materials and extra materials that were required through the course of building.

Don’t panic

You’re not only getting a home extension; we know you see your home getting transformed! Thousands of nostalgic feelings may hinder your decisions; you may be confused what to do and what not. You may feel your home is stuck in the middle of nowhere or maybe it’s just progressing towards a blind end. A lot of times, these feelings may dominate your decisions mostly because you have to temporarily live off-site, or rent some other living space. But, if you’ll keep overthinking, you may go anxious and things may seem blurry. Keep hard nerves, take things easy and look at your home extension from a broader vision. Miracles won’t happen in a day or two of course, but gradually, when half of the extension is done, you may see things falling in their places!

Been there, done that! And so, we know that only wondrous home extension ideas aren’t enough for a successful home transformation, whether for the interiors or exterior. We plan, monitor, control, and sometimes, doing all of this repeatedly, go bananas. But, remember, this is not your home – this is your dream setting, where you want to live for hundreds of years to come with the most favourite people in your life.

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